Monday, 23 April 2012

En route to South America: Stopover in the States

On our way to South America we decided to stoppver in the States to have a break between flights from Asia. We stayed in Los Angeles for 2 days and visited Universal Studios. There we were taken on a tour of the studios and sets where many of the hollywood movies and series are made eg the fast and the furious, jurassic park, CSI, etc etc Within this vast premises were taken by train through the various studios:We drove through Wisteria Lane, the set where the women from desperate housewives live. It is a street with houses built and furnished exactly like reality. We were taken into a studio where they simulated planet of the apes. The train moves and shakes and the rain really wets you as if you are right there. Of course we were not scared of the simulated animals all around us...We were taken into a metro station where they showed a simulation of a train wreck and then how the metro floods with rainwater..I really thought that wall of water was going to hit us!!

After that we did a few crazy rides like the jurassic park ride and the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom ride. We also watched shrek in 4D. We are not movie buffs nor hollywood fans, but we were told that we could not visit LA without seeing Universal Studios or Disneyland and we were happy we did. Next stop: Cuba!

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On baywatch beach

At universal studios

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  1. very exciting guys. so you went behind the scenes, very cool. Did you not find a baywatch babe for me on the beach ? enjoy your 4 day hike and final leg of your amazing journey. cant wait to hear all the stories.