Sunday, 19 February 2012

Compared to India, Bangkok is a clean, well oiled machine. We arrived in Bangkok and within 2.5 hrs we had checked through customs, stored our baggage, taken 2 sky trains to the centre of the city to the academic hospital, opened files, seen the doctor and the nurse, paid, got vaccinated for japanese encephalitis and returned to the airport just in time to catch our flight to Krabi. (I don't think this would have happened in Cape Town as patriotic as I the nurses were all these tiny Thai girls with these cute white uniforms and little nurses hats...friendly and helpful)

So after a plane, a bus and a boat we are now on Railay Beach. Idyllic, lush beach set among huge mangrove trees and shearing cliffs. Good weather, awesome food (noodles, coconuts, fresh fruit like mangoes, pineapple and papaya, seafood, stirfy with seaweed, fried banana with pancakes and lots more!!)

We have been taking it easy, but the next 2 weeks will be spent here lazing by the pool or on the beach, enjoying water activities, etc

Until next time!
S and W


  1. I hope you guys are able to take boat trips, those little boats look awesome, Wim seems like his in his element, water sport and what have you. Take it easy guys and rest up, enjoy the sun and remember to apply lots of sunscreen.

  2. Hay Wim en Sheron,
    gaat Wim dat veertien dagen volhouden (lazy, zijn ?) Hopelijk vind je voldoende afwisseling ? Niet te ver en alleen gaan lopen of varen, hé, Wimpie ! Probeer van het nietsdoen ook te genieten.
    papa en mama.

    1. dag mama mia!!

      wij gaan ons best doen om vanaf nu ook in het nederlands te schrijven. het eiland is heel klein, dus wim kunt maar op en af het strand lopen! maar onze resort heeft een heel lange swembad en dus doet hij 50 laps per dag om hem niet te vervelen. groetjes daar en wij denken aan jullie (we zien hier veel families met de grootouders en kleinkinderen en vragen ons af of dit ons zessen zullen zijn met de kindjes over een paar jaar???? te ver misschien??)
      dukke knuffel,


  3. Are you guys sure you're not in Survivor but 'blind contestants'??? Pics look awesome! Wim is bedonkliky happy and in his element. Enjoy the lovely foods and lazing around:-)

  4. wow.... absolutely amazing....
    thailand seems the perfect place to recoup after freezing cold and croc wearing monks....